An intense search for the perfect organic cotton duvet cover began when my daughter Jade graduated to her big girl bed.  I wanted a duvet cover that was stylish (no hot pink or princesses) AND made from organic cotton.  Should be easy considering how much organic bedding is on the market for babies, right? Turns out I was wrong.  Lots of organic baby products are out there, but amazingly, not so much for our growing kids.

The only organic cotton duvet covers I could find were oatmeal coloured or simply boring. Bedding from the big box stores was overly precious, too cutsie, or pink, pink and more pink. They were also typically made using poor quality cotton and/or polyester (petroleum fibres next to my kid’s head? No thanks!).

Frustrated by the lack of organic, stylish options, and figuring there must be other like-minded “green” parents out there who care about style AND the environment, I decided to create my own line of eco-friendly and kid-friendly bedding.

In bringing my products to the marketplace, I was committed to using the highest quality materials and eco-friendly and socially-responsible processes.  The organic cotton was grown by family farmers, woven in a socially responsible factory, and printed using non-toxic dyes by a local printer in India. The bedding was then sewn here in Toronto, Canada by women in Sistering, an income generating employment training program.  Even the packaging was made with care: organic cotton labels, organic ribbon, recycled paper and soy-based inks.

In my day to day life I try to make good social and environmental decisions whenever possible so I was determined to do so for Dream Child. Imagine what could happen if everything we purchased was made with this amount of care and purpose!

Dream Child Organics was born out of a concern for the environment, the safety of our kids, and a love of modern design.


Shelley Smith
Founder & Chief Dreamer
Dream Child Organics

Shelley Smith, Owner, Dream Child Organics