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I truly believe that small changes add up to big impacts, so start small.

Jennifer Webster, eco-entrepreneur, Play Me Mama Crafts

Play Me Mama cape

Play Me Mama cape

What kind of world do you dream of for your children? (e.g. what makes you tick?)

There is a part of me that really wants a simple, back to basics world for my children. For example a world where they know where their food came from and they appreciate the items they have and how to make those items last.

I want them to know that when we shop at a local independent shop we are helping someone who lives in our community to be better also.

I want them to know nature – but also support them if their interests lie more in the technology side of life. I also want them to see the world and experience different cultures and ideals – to not live in a bubble.


Silk- Wings - Play Me Mama Crafts

Silk- Wings – Play Me Mama Crafts

How do you have an impact day-to-day?

One of the day-to-day actions I use is trying hard to shop with a conscience. Going to the store with a purpose of buying better items and only what we need. I sometimes get odd looks in the grocery store because for example in the summer months there are little to no fruits and veggies in the cart, but I buy as much local fruit and veggies at the farmers market as I can till October. I like being able to talk to the actual person who grew and picked the items and I like my kids knowing that’s just how it is done. I also look at the items we need and try and buy used first. It may take a little longer to find an item, but saving up is never a bad thing.

For my business I have made an effort to be as eco-conscious as possible. I re-purpose, re-use and if I have to buy items I look for sustainable and organic first.

Some days I feel like a total hypocrite, I know that I can do better yet I find myself standing in the GMO filled grocery store putting items in the cart because I don’t think I can afford to feed us better food. I know I should buy us all better clothes and yet know I can make a $5.00 t-shirt last through two kids if I take care of it. I’m still a work in progress that is for sure.


What are some big steps you have taken to make an impact?

This past year we have worked on removing toxic personal care and cleaning products from our world and have moved to a more organic, local diet and I love the results.

We have also worked hard to be less consumptive, searching for used items before buying new, saving up for items instead of impulse buying and contemplating if we really, really need an item before we buy it (and this goes for birthday and Christmas gifts). For example with Christmas we moved from giving gifts to sharing experiences with the cousins, giving all the kids time to get to know each other and build memories as opposed to just getting more stuff.

I have also found help in friends both in person and online. When we get together we talk about what new products we have tried, what we have eliminated. I love learning and with knowledge comes the chance to make even more changes.


What are the results of these actions?

With the personal care items I hear the kids talking to other family members about how they can change also. They also question food sometimes (well they use the “is it organic or local” as an excuse when they don’t want to eat what they are offered!)

But I notice for example our house smells better without the toxic smells of commercial cleaners. And I notice how toxic other people’s houses smell when we go to visit. I like how all our skin seems healthier, how we now know better. The excitement that comes from the hubby going to the farmers market to pick up a new soap scent and how he is looking forward to trying their new shaving cream line, is awesome, as he has been the hardest to “convert”.

As for the experiences, the kids know their family better and now ask for experiences as opposed to the trendy toy (but don’t get me wrong they still want lots of presents at holidays!)


What advice could you provide?

I truly believe that small changes add up to big impacts, so start small.

For example, when we started to change our personal care items I did not go through and throw out the ones we had, we just replaced as we used items up. This is also a great way to see your consumption habits (like the fact that it can take us years to use a bottle of shampoo!). I have not used traditional deodorant for 14 years, but have only recently switched to natural toothpaste…it is a process.

You know your lifestyle and yourself and what will work for you, trust your instincts and go for it!

Jennifer Webster
Jennifer Webster, Play Me Mama Crafts

Jennifer Webster, Play Me Mama Crafts

I‘m a chief household operator for M1, M2 and almost M3, partner, blogger, #GreenMom contributor, #PreemieParent, #BaseballMama and generally eco-conscious Mama behind  Play Me Mama eco-friendly dress-up products will be back available soon…
Twitter:  @playmemama

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