Dream Child’s Impact Project

Profiling inspiring parents who are taking actions to make the world a better place

Parents have big dreams for their children. We dream about our kids being happy, healthy, fulfilled, loving and loved. We hope they become good global citizens.

Many of us also dream about a world that is safe, healthy, and in which the air/water/land/wildlife/forests are protected. Where we don’t have to worry about toxins in the products we consume. Where workers are treated with dignity and have safe and fair workplaces. Where local small businesses thrive. Where people live in peace. Where poverty is eradicated. Where children and youth live with hope. We all hope for a future with prosperity. Fairness. Well-being. Compassion. Sustainability. Polar bears and ice caps.

Dream Child’s Impact Project is telling the stories of inspiring parents who are taking steps in their daily lives, their professional lives, their communities, etc. to have an impact on issues they care about. These parents have big dreams for their kids and the world we live in, and are taking steps to achieve them.


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