Organic Sherpa cotton baby blanket (Waterlily)

Organic Sherpa cotton baby blanket (Waterlily)

Soft, breathable, natural. Grown in the USA, sewn in Canada. It's a dream come true!


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 “Snuggle. Nuzzle. Cozy. Warm.”

If babe could talk these are some of the words she’d use to describe this organic Sherpa cotton blanket.


Some more words we use …

Organic.  Made from 100% organic cotton and 100% US-grown organic Sherpa cotton.

Toxin-free. No toxic pesticides were used in the production of the cotton. No harmful dyes were used. No GMO seeds. Just sustainable practices that nurture the soil, use less water, and protect livelihoods of local farmers.

Plush. The plush rise of the Sherpa cotton is like the coziest fleecey lining of your favourite sweater.

Sweat-shop free.  Sewn with great care by women in Toronto getting their feet back on the ground through the support of a social services agency called Sistering.

Breathable. Sherpa is a naturally breathable fabric. It doesn’t stick to the skin like synthetic fibres do. It will naturally wick away moisture and regulate baby’s temperature.

Versatile. While designed to fit a crib, this blanket is also perfect for snuggling in the stroller or the car, or as a soft spot for tummy time. Really there’s no limitations for where the snuggling can happen.


This is a baby blanket made for snuggling. Mom and dad can rest easy knowing that this snuggle is free from toxins that are found in many polyester baby blankets.

Find out more about why to avoid polyester products in your baby’s bed.



33 inches x 43 inches

100% US-grown organic Sherpa cotton

200 thread-count organic percale cotton, certified by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS)



Machine wash warm. Tumble low, or hang to dry.


Made in Canada exclusively by Dream Child Organics.