Sistering and Dream Child – Supporting Women at Risk

Yes, it’s true, I can be pretty stubborn.

You see, I could have gone an easier route and had Dream Child duvet covers made in China.  But it seems everything is made in China these days. How would I know they weren’t made in a sweatshop?

No, I wanted to do things differently – to make sure that the entire production cycle is sustainable and socially and environmentally responsible.

A friend of mine put me in touch with Sistering. She had hired Sistering for the creation of her baby playmats called Shniggles.  Our own Shniggle had endured the rough and tumble dealings of two very active kids. I knew how well made they were.

Sistering is a women’s agency serving homeless, marginalized and low-income women in Toronto. Their programs and services help women gain greater control over their life circumstances. Their advocacy focuses on changing the social conditions that put women at risk.  Their service philosophy is to ensure that women’s dignity is not eroded by poverty and homelessness.

Sistering has a social enterprise called the Spun Studio. It is a bright, professionally-run sewing studio on the second floor of their building at Bloor and Dovercourt in Toronto. Marginalized women are trained as seamstresses, and they have an opportunity to gain experience and earn an income in a supportive environment.

The first time I met with the women of Sistering, my newborn Zoe slept through the whole meeting. In the end a plan was hatched. The women really got what I wanted to do. They provided amazing input. And they came through with a really well constructed product line.

For me creating Dream Child was not just about creating more “stuff”. It was about finding an innovative way to do things differently, drawing on resources right here in our own communities. It was and continues to be about empowering women and supporting them to find and keep sustainable livelihoods.  Dream Child bedding is sweatshop free. Ethically sourced. Organic. Made with dignity.

Score one for stubbornness. Dream Child organic bedding for kids is sustainable from seed to seam to sleep.

For more about Sistering, check out their website at

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  1. what a great post, so good to know more about what you do and about Sistering.

  2. Organic, locally made and socially responsible? Wow, stubborness does pay! Hat’s off to Dream Child!


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